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Speed Ventures at Auto Club Speedway

Do you know the way to Monterey? We do - and we'll tell you if you're nice. For an extended three-day weekend, Speed Ventures will host a NorCal track day experience on the world-famous MAZDA Raceway Laguna Seca. The action starts Friday as we host the next rounds of the Wilwood Corvette Challenge, HFF Challenge, Bimmer Challenge, and thePacific Hot Hatch Challenge. Saturday's open track day continues the fun with more rounds from the HFF Challenge, Wilwood Corvette Challenge, and Bimmer Challenge. Sunday we wrap up the open-track weekend with the HFF Challenge and Wilwood Corvette Challenge. We'll be running the full course including the infamous Corkscrew in standard counter-clockwise (CCW) configuration. Don't forget - the track imposes a 92db sound limit - those registering above the sound requirement will not be given refunds/credits and will not be allowed to run. Register early to guarantee space and to save some money for gas!

CLICK HERE to register for MAZDA Raceway Laguna Seca on June 23-25, 2017.


Speed Ventures at Auto Club Speedway

If instant-torque and whisper-quiet vehicle motivation are your thing, join us for the 9th annual REFUEL Races clean-power motorsports event at MRLS on Sunday, June 25th. Drive your EV or electric motorcycle on MRLS at speed and receive basic performance driving instruction. If you're so inclined, join the REFUEL Time Trial to see who is the fastest driver/rider at MAZDA Raceway Laguna Seca. Visit for more information, or register now and reserve your spot..

CLICK HERE to register for REFUEL Clean Power Motorsports Event on June 25, 2017.


SINCE 2001, Speed Ventures has organized track events at the best road-racing tracks in California and Nevada and in the process, introduced thousands of drivers to the sport of road-racing.
We welcome experienced drivers and racers looking for a place to practice, test and compete and we offer orientation and instruction for beginners. Speed Ventures offers private events and run groups, time trials & competition, autocross, media days and more. With just a helmet and the stock safety equipment that came with your car (see our FAQ), you can explore your car's performance potential and build your skills in a safe, controlled environment.

With events roughly every other weekend, we make it easy to get out and drive as fast as you want.

We offer HPDE (high performance driver education) as well as platform-specific Challenge series time trials including:
S2K ChallengeCorvette ChallengeHFF ChallengeBimmer Challenge86 Cup, and Cadillac Challenge.
For wheel-to-wheel racing enthusiasts, Speed Ventures also hosts racing series such as:

SUPERMIATA for race-prepped Miata wheel-to-wheel action.


Speed Ventures High Performance Driver Education Program

In addition to the competitions, Speed Ventures also conducts a uniquely structured high-performance driving school environment that's available on many popular and challenging race tracks in California and Nevada. With a home base in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area in Southern California, Speed Ventures can provide on-track performance driving instruction in the vehicle that you know best - your own! Above everything else our mission is safety so our instructors teach you at your pace on any number of popular race tracks in the area; car control, racing etiquette, the proper race line, safely determining the physical limits of your vehicle and more. For those looking to live the ultimate dream of driving a true sports car on a real race track, we also offer vehicle rentals for instruction or for a day of behind-the-wheel fun in a safe and controlled environment.

For more information on high-performance driving instruction, racing competitions, sponsored track days, and everything else Speed Ventures offers, please contact us.

PH (323) 973-7744 | EMAIL info @
Speed Ventures, Inc., 901 North Fairfax Ave. #207, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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