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What are the requirements to drive my car ON TRACK?

There are very few requirements for cars to run on the track.  If you are planning on driving an SUV or truck, please email us to obtain permission.  The requirements are:

  1. Convertibles must have either OEM/Factory roll protection or Aftermarket roll protection.  Allowed convertibles in stock form include cars with substantial roll hoops (eg. Honda S2000, BMW Z3/Z4, Porsche Boxster, 3rd and 4th Gen Mazda Miata) and pop-ups (eg. late model Carrera/911 Cabriolets and BMWs).  If you are unsure whether your convertible meets our safety requirements, please contact us before signing up.
  2. The car must be in good working order and NOT LEAKING ANY FLUIDS.
  3. Either a TOW HOOK or some TOW POINT is highly recommended on the FRONT and REAR of your car before going out on track in case your car has a mechanical problem. If you do not establish a tow point, Speed Ventures will be forced to figure out a way to tow you off track.  We will not be responsible for any damage done to cars during towing.
  4. You must have a helmet (or rent one from us).  Any Snell rated (2010 or newer) helmet (M or SA) is allowed.  If you do not have a Snell rated helmet, you can rent one from us.  Open face helmets ARE permitted.
  5. You must bring a fully filled out TECH FORM to the track, available here.  You may tech your car yourself, or have your shop do it if you are not qualified.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrive with a safe, sound vehicle.
  6. You must have NUMBERS, at least 8" high, on both sides of the car AND on the back of the car (viewable by other drivers).  We provide either Racers Tape (free) or numbers (for a fee) at the track.
  7. Battery must be securely fastened down (they are on all cars from the factory).
  8. Tires:
    1. Street tires must be in good condition, with at least 2/32 of tread remaining.  NOTE: 2/32 is probably not enough to get you through a day at the track!
    2. Race tires must be in good condition, with no cord showing.
  9. You must have 3-point seatbelts, or better, in good condition.
  10. Minors (less than 18) must have a parent present or one of our Minor Waivers signed and notarized by a legal guardian in order to drive.
  11. No passengers are allowed under 18 years old.

What are the requirements to drive my car IN THE AUTOCROSS or on the SKIDPAD?

There are very few requirements for cars to run in the autocross. If you are planning on driving an SUV or truck, please email us to obtain permission. The requirements are:

  1. The car must be in good working order and NOT LEAKING ANY FLUIDS.
  2. You must wear a helmet. Any Snell-rated helmet (2010 or 2015, M or SA) is allowed. We do rent helmets, but supply is very limited. There are usually a few loaners available at the course.
  3. There is no TECH FORM required for the autocross. However, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrive with a safe, sound vehicle.
  4. Battery must be securely fastened down (they are on all cars from the factory).
  5. Tires:
    1. Street tires must be in good condition, with at least 2/32 of tread remaining. NOTE: 2/32 is probably not enough to get you through a day at the track!
    2. Race tires must be in good condition, with no cord showing.
  6. You must have 3-point seatbelts, or better, in good condition.
  7. A rollbar or rollover protection is NOT required in convertibles for the autocross, though we highly recommend that you have rollover protection.
Here is a list of 3-wheel vehicles which are approved to run in Speed Ventures autocross events:
  1. Polaris Slingshot
  2. Trihawk
  3. Fireaero
  4. Campagna Motors T-Rex
  5. Campagna Motors V13R
  6. Morgan 3-wheeler (roll-hoop equipped only)
  7. Grinnall Scorpion

What safety equipment do I need?

The safety requirements for the track aren't very demanding, but the following is required:

  1. You must have a helmet. We have helmets available for rent (usually $40/day) when you signup online.  Occasionally there are extras available at the track, but often they are sold out in advance. The recommended helmet is the latest Snell Automobile (SA) rated helmet (currently SA2020), although we will accept any Snell rated helmet with a 2010 or newer Snell rating. If you are going to buy a helmet, you should get the latest SA rating. Helmets should be snug fitting, but not tight.  Open faced helmets ARE permitted. 
  2. We strongly recommend long-sleeve cotton shirts, but will allow short sleeve cotton shirts. No synthetic fabrics.
  3. Closed toed shoes with cotton socks, no sandals.
  4. We strongly recommend long cotton pants, jeans being a good choice.
  5. We don't require gloves, but if you do wear them, we suggest you don't wear leather "driving gloves". Unless your gloves are specifically-designed racing gloves (Sparco, Momo, G-force, Pyrotech, etc.), leather shrinks in a fire, which wouldn't be a good thing for your hands.
    The reason we don't allow synthetic fabrics is that they're almost always flammable. As incredibly unlikely as it is that you're going to have a fire, you'd definitely be happier wearing something that won't catch fire and melt onto your skin.

I have a convertible, is that a problem?

Speed Ventures allows convertibles with some form of behind-the-seat roll protection, either factory or aftermarket.  Cars with stock roll hoops of substantial construction, such as those found in the Honda S2000, BMW Z3 and Z4, Porsche Boxster and similar cars, as well as cars with pop-up roll protection such as late-model 911s and M3 convertibles are allowed on track.  All convertibles with aftermarket roll protection are allowed as long as the installed roll bar is not a vanity bar and actually provides rollover protection.

Cars without roll protection behind the seats, such as first- and second-generation miatas, C5 corvettes, and mustangs are not allowed without some form of SUBSTANTIAL aftermarket roll protection.  We apologize to any drivers this may exclude, but a track day is simply not worth the risk of driving without a measure of protection.  Please contact us with any questions about your convertible

What can I expect to happen to my car?

You will probably only see wear in two areas: tires and brakes.

Tires: If you are running street tires, the wear shouldn't be too bad; you'll probably lose 2/32" of tread. It's really up to you, because if you're determined to burn up your tires on the track, you can certainly do it. Typical fast driving, however, will not use up your tires if you start with a decent amount of tread.

Brakes: You should make sure you have at least 5mm of brake pad left. Buttonwillow, Streets of Willow Springs, and Pahrump are tough tracks on brakes, so you'll definitely have some good wear for the day. If you question whether you have enough pad left, it would be wise to either change your pads, and bring the old ones as "spares", or buy a new set and bring them to the track. If you're new at the track, you probably won't use as much pad as I'm estimating here, but better to know you have enough pad than to get there and run out of brakes halfway through the event. Please note that if you do bring pads to the track, you should know how to change them.

Am I going to crash?

Whether you hit anything or not is essentially up to you. Basically, if you go out and push it too hard too soon, you are probably going to go off track and possibly hit something. On the other hand, a reasonable person can go fast on the track without hitting anything. You have to know your limits, start conservatively, and work your way up. The likelihood of an accident varies from track to track, and is mentioned on the page describing the event you're considering attending.

We do watch those on the track, and though we're relaxed and want people to have fun, if someone is unreasonably aggressive or breaks the rules we set forth about passing other cars, etc., we *will* pull them off the track. The point of this event is for everyone to have a great time and still be able to drive their cars home. If your goal is to see if you can pass people in the turns, this isn't the event for you.

I've never been on a track before so I need an instructor. What can I expect?

As a first time driver you will be in a run group with other beginners or very slow intermediate drivers.  In the morning there is a General Drivers Meeting that everyone must attend. Initially we cover the passing rules, present the flags and explain their meaning, and give some other details about the day. After this General Drivers Meeting you will receive additional instruction and classroom time in follow-up meetings.

Can I just sign up at the track?

It depends.  Some events sell out and you will not be able to sign up at the track.  If you want to attend an event you should sign up well in advance through our website.  If you want to take a chance you can just show up, but there no guarantees.  You can always check our website for details about an event.  Once we've closed registration we will put a note up that will tell you how much room, if any, is available for walk-ons.

How Are Garages Assigned at Auto Club Speedway?

For those of you who rented a garage at Auto Club Speedway, they are assigned the morning of the event at registration based on drivers' requests. If you would like to pit next to a friend, please make that request in the morning at the track. In addition, please do not take a garage when you show up at the track. Select the number(s) you want and head to registration to see if it is still available.

What are your rules about car-to-car contact?

Collisions are governed by the 13/13 rule, which states that if you are involved in an incident sufficient to cause damage to your car or any other car, you may be prohibited from participating for the rest of the weekend, prohibited from entering the next event, and placed on probation for up to 13 months. If you are involved in another such incident during your probation, you will be suspended for up to 13 months.

Keep in mind that when on the track you are responsible for your own behavior, which includes your failure to avoid incidents. If another driver is being reckless, it would be wise to give that person wide berth, and to let us know about it in the hopes that we can prevent an incident from occurring. Incidents at this type of event are very rare, but it is only with your help that we can keep them so.

What passing rules are in effect at your events?

We have different passing rules for different run groups.  Our advanced run group offers open passing, with or without a point by.  The intermediate groups allow passing anywhere on track with a point-by.  The beginner group allows point-by passing only in straight sections (no passing in turns).

You keep saying "We". Who are you?

These events are run by Speed Ventures, Inc., a California-based motorsports organization.  Speed Ventures organizes, promotes and manages track days, time trials and time attacks, performance driving schools, car control clinics, wheel-to-wheel races, private events, corporate events, autocrosses, and more.  Our goal is to provide safe, well-run and fun events for automobiles on professional road racing circuits as well as managing events for other organizations.

Speed Ventures offers professional driving coaches and private instruction and can provide professional Timing & Scoring services to other motorsports groups using its professional-grade AMB timing system.

For more information, feel free to contact us at 323-973-7744

Is this event only for certain cars?

No, this is not a make-specific event. In fact, we strongly encourage a diverse array of makes at our events, as we think the events are all the better for it. At our events you'll find everything from Radicals to Corvettes to Miatas.

What is a Supercar / Exotic Run Group?

At select events and venues, we have a Supercar / Exotic Run Group for drivers of high value vehicles ($100k+) looking to drive with similar high dollar cars in a super-low car count environment (about 1/3 the normal number of cars on track) with an emphasis on strict passing rules and respectful, gentlemanly driving.

Because of the lower car count, the pricing for this group is significantly higher. And because it requires the commitment of a minimum number or drivers to set a run group aside, we do so only after polling our Supercar / Exotic customers in advance to gauge interest. To have your account added to the Supercar / Exotic email list, send an email request to

A friend and I are going to drive the same car, is that possible?

Yes, please contact us for further information.

Is race gas available?

Usually. The availability of race gas varies from track to track. It is available every day at Buttonwillow and Willow Springs/Streets of Willow Springs, Sears Point and Cal Speedway. If your question is about a different track, ask us. 100 octane unleaded is about $7/gallon, and other gases are available, though you're going to want to make sure you DON'T run LEADED race gas in your catalytic-converter and/or O2-sensor equipped street car.

Why would I want to run race gas?

Race gas is generally not worth buying unless you already know you need it.  Many modified and built motors are designed to run race gas.  Please consult your engine builder.

Do I need car numbers?

All cars on the track must have car numbers. The numbers should be at least 8" high, and be placed so that they're visible from both sides of the car (for instance, on both front doors) and on the rear of the car.  If the number on your car conflicts with another car at the track, we will deal with it at the event.

Many people simply use masking or duct tape for car numbers, while others prefer professionally-made numbers. If you would like to have magnetic numbers made for your car, you can find a variety of places online that do so.

Am I required to have an instructor?

You are required to have an instructor if you have not had prior training at an HPDE event, or have not had significant experience on a road course. Please note that karting, off-road racing, drag racing, Exotics Racing, Porsche Experience Center, or autocross do not count as prior experience, as there are no flags, different/no passing rules, and different safety protocols. Please contact us for more information

How are run groups classed?

Groups are classed according to driver skill level, laptimes, and driver behavior. For instance, a new driver in a Bugatti Veyron will start in the beginner group and probably stay there all day as would a driver in a 1981 Toyota Corolla.  However, if they are equally skilled, the Bugatti driver might move up to the next group after a day or two.  Any driver that demonstrates that they are quick enough, courteous enough, and safe enough can move up to more advanced groups.  We generally let the drivers decide the appropriate run group for them, however, we will move people up and down if necessary.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The words "Event Start" in the cancellation policy below refer to 7:00 AM on the FIRST day of an event.  For example: if you are signed up for the 3rd day of a 3-day event, the "Event Start" time is still 7:00 AM on the FIRST day of the event, even though you are only attending the 3rd day.

    • Cancellation Received 10 Days or more before Event Start:
      Refund less $40 or 10% (whichever is greater) or Full Credit towards future event.
    • Cancellation Received within 10 days of Event Start, during event, or after event:
      No refund or credit given.
    • Exceptions are not made for any reason, including mechanical problems with your car.
    • Events will be run rain or shine.

How do I redeem a Speed Ventures Gift Certificate?

To redeem a gift certificate, just sign up for the event you want to attend and enter the code into the discount code box.

If you will be spending more than the value of the gift certificate, please enter a credit card to cover the balance. Please note that the gift certificate value will not automatically deduct from the total when you check out. We will deduct it manually before running your credit card (if needed).

What do I do if I forget to return my Timing Transponder at the end of the event?

If you forget to turn in your transponder before leaving the track, you must ship it to us via FedEx or UPS (ground is ok). You may also want to insure the package for $450. In addition, a $20 administration fee may be charged to process your return. 

After you send the package, email your name and contact info along with the FedEx or UPS tracking number to: 

DO NOT USE the U.S. Postal Service!

Ship via FedEx or UPS Ground to this address:

Speed Ventures
12405 Venice Blvd. #415
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Also, please note that you should get it back to us as soon as possible and that you may be charged $20 for each Speed Ventures event that it is not returned. Any transponders that are reported lost will be subject to a refundable $450 charge that will be reversed when the transponder is received. If you believe you have LOST the transponder, you need to contact us immediately.

Can I bring a passenger on track with me?

Speed Ventures allows passengers provided they are 18+ years old (or 16+ if they are registered participants that day) for educational purposes.  Our hope is that non-registered individuals will learn about our DE events and become participants in the future!

I am under 18 years old, can I drive on the track?

No one under the age of 13 can drive at a Speed Ventures event.  This is a requirement of our insurance and as such, we can't be flexible on it.  

Drivers 13 to 15 years of age can ONLY get on track if a parent is present and signs a waiver at the track.  

Drivers 16 to 17 years of age can ONLY get on track if a parent is present and signs a waiver at the track OR if the parent cannot be present, then a notarized waiver must be signed in advance and brought to the event. 

Download the minor waiver here: Waiver.pdf

For ALL drivers under 18, we require a phone call with his/her parents PRIOR to signing up to discuss his/her ability to operate a vehicle and make them aware of what it means to drive a car in a High Performance Driving Event.

All drivers need to be able to operate a vehicle competently and not be learning to drive on track. If you do not know how to operate a vehicle competently, then you can run autocross until you are competent. Contact us with any questions at

What is the difference between "Time trials & Hot-lapping" and a "Race Group"?

Time Trials & Hot-lapping are open to anyone in any car which meets the requirements stated above. The Race Group is a wheel-to-wheel race in which cars are competing for position and passing whenever and wherever possible. To drive in the Race, you must hold an approved Race License and have a car prepped to commonly accepted race standards. These include an approved roll cage, harnesses, race seat, SFI driver's suit, helmet, SFI gloves, SFI shoes, head and neck restraint, and fire extinguisher, to name the major components.

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